Danish architects

The Danish furniture designers Frits Schlegel, Finn Juhl, Mogens Lassen and Arne Jacobsen studied architecture and became architects. Later Finn Juhl described himself as architect and self-taught designer. In Gentofte, north of Copenhagen, these four villas by the above mentioned architects document the Danish Modernism. The Schlegel and Lassen villas are build in concrete -the villas by Juhl and Jacobsen are build in brick, plastered and painted.


Frits Schlegel, private villa, Gentofte, Denmark, 1931.


Finn Juhl, the architect’s own house, Gentofte, Denmark, 1942.


Mogens Lassen, private villa, Gentofte, Copenhagen, 1934.


Arne Jacobsen, the architect’s own house, 1929.