Elle Decor Italia feature



We are delighted to have the home of Dansk Møbelkunst’s Ole Høstbo featured in Elle Decor Italia


Photos by Nathalie Kragh
Styling by Tami Christiansen


”My home is a space in constant transformation. I take furniture and objects and move them, swap them, replace them“ – Ole Høstbo, gallery owner


“It is often said that Nordic design is timeless and that it therefore adapts very well to modern homes and to a contemporary lifestyle. After all, one of the disctinctive trait of this style, at the height of its production in the middle of the 20th century, was its extraordinarily high quality. The best designers and the best artisan craftsmen worked in tandem with the objective of satisfying the homeowner to the fullest”



”I believe that art and collectible design are inextricably linked with one another. There is an artistic component to all design. The common objective is to create a product that has a strong visual impact“ 




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