Nordic by Nature

Today we open a new exhibition in our Paris gallery, presenting a selection of works by renowned Nordic designers and architects, such as Alvar Aalto, Bruno Mathsson, Hans J. Wegner, Kirsti Ilvessalo and Berndt Friberg.

The starting point of the exhibition Nordic by Nature is the harsh Scandinavian climate, the beautiful rugged landscapes and the distinctive light of the North as sources of inspiration, evident in the creative output of the region. The works on show are characterized by the use of natural materials and a visual lightness; light fabrics and blond wood types from the local forests such as oak, birch and beech.

20th Century Nordic Modernism developed with a focus on high quality craftsmanship and the well-being of the user. In contrast to the more industrial visions of their Continental contemporaries, the seminal figures of modern Nordic design cultivated a fusion of function, comfort and organic materials – a practical beauty characterized by warm finishes and a connection to the natural world.

Nordic by Nature presents an exquisite selection of furniture, lighting and rugs, as well as ceramics and glassworks – all pieces by architects and designers, for whom nature was an essential source of inspiration. The exhibition continues until 10 May 2014. We look forward to seeing you there!