Helge Vestergaard Jensen ǀ Sculptural elegance

The furniture designed by Helge Vestergaard Jensen is characterized by a sublime elegance and a perfectionist attention to even the smallest detail. Vestergaard Jensen initially trained as a cabinetmaker and continued his studies at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Throughout the 1940s he worked for major Danish architects such as Kaare Klint, Palle Suenson, and Vilhelm Lauritzen before he established his own office in 1950.

Rocking chair in Brazilian rosewood and original leather. Designed 1961, made by cabinetmaker Peder Pedersen

Vestergaard Jensen worked closely with the cabinetmakers and his pieces distinguish themselves by their exquisite craftsmanship and sublime elegance. He was continuously preoccupied with rendering visible the structure of the furniture. Instead of hiding it or attempting to draw attention to the non-bearing elements, he made a virtue out of accentuating the construction. Vestergaard Jensen had a long, successful collaboration with cabinetmaker Peder Pedersen. Together they brought to life a series of impeccable pieces distinguishable by a refined transition between the constructional elements.

Tall freestanding sideboard in teak. Designed 1957, made by cabinetmaker Peder Pedersen

The present pieces do not represent an attempt at revolutionizing the concept of their kind, yet they demonstrate a remarkable originality in their own discrete manner. Vestergaard Jensen focused his efforts on making the transitions between the constructional components so soft and fluid that his pieces appear to have been sculpted or molded as opposed to assembled.

Armchair in Brazilian rosewood and original leather. Designed 1960, made by cabinetmaker Peder Pedersen