Klint / The Spherical Bed

It is not every day that we have beds in our catalogue. The bed was never a much loved motif among the Danish designers, but Kaare Klint’s Spherical Bed is a rare and refined exception. The bed takes its name from the spatial geometry that determined its shape. The bed’s ends and the top of its sides are cut from an imaginary sphere, meaning that if two beds were placed on top of each other, they would form a sphere with a diameter corresponding to the height of an average man.

Klint’s design was always based on a relentless research; he never compromised. Every piece had to fulfill its right purpose, be completely clear in its construction with dimensions and proportions corresponding to the human body. Logic, often using a mathematical system of measures, and a constructive way of thinking were the foundation of Klint’s philosophy of furniture design – combined with a refined sense of materials.

The bed in Cuban mahogany with a base of macassar was made by master cabinetmaker Rud. Rasmussen. It was designed for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1938 and keenly reviewed in the Danish newspaper Politiken: “The exhibition includes a bed, designed by Kaare Klint, made by Rudolf Rasmussen. One cannot find finer furniture design anywhere. A motif from beds from the Napoleonic Era was used, but what had been stiff and forced has become lovely and harmonious for the first time.”

The bedspread was made especially for this bed by Lis Ahlmann. Klint and Ahlmann collaborated on the design. It is woven in natural and indigo-dyed white and blue cotton; symmetrical over the center with wide and narrow stripes in a pattern inspired by Navajo Indian textiles.

The bed was realised in approximately 10-12 examples.