Nordic Winter

January has come with cold winter days and interiors are completed with warm light and soft materials. Table lamps adding a soft light and multi-colored woven rugs complete the feeling of warmth and comfort. The almost total absence of daylight during the winter months made the Nordic designers emphasize on well-being and tactility when making pieces for daily use. The modernistic approach to organic shapes in design is partly a careful effort to ease living with the Nordic light. Vilhelm Lauritzen completed this task well when designing a height adjustable lamp for Louis Poulsen in 1928. The nickel-plated metal almost glows in the shine of the light bulb. The subdued amount of light adds warmth to the interior and the shape of the shade softens the incoming daylight.

In Sweden a long tradition of woven rugs was the basis for the works from Märta Måås-Fjetterström. With a combination of knowledge of the craft and a modern approach to colors and patterns the rugs from the workshop marked a transition to the use of textile in interiors in Sweden.

Years later the lamps by Lauritzen as well as the rugs from Märta Måås-Fjetterström still ease the long Nordic winter.